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For synthetic furs

More than 40 years of experience processing and dyeing fibres for synthetic furs, woven or knitted, bathroon rugs, technical application carpets, clothing applications.

 Production of high shrinkable fibres.



 fibres processing : washing, boiling off; anti-static,inflammable, anti-moth, enzymatic treatments,...

 stock and tops dyeing of all fibres

acrylic tow dyeing

 Pes fibre balls for filling purpose.

With the support of  

For spinning mills

Proceesing and dyeing all fibres for wollen yarn-, semi-worsted yarn- and worsted yarn mills. 

Rue Victor Besme,37 - B-4800 Verviers - Belgique - tél. : +32 (0)87 33 37 34 - fax : +32 (0)87 31 03 18
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